Facebook Messenger – Battling it up!!
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Facebook Messenger – Battling it up!!

This comes as a surprise to many, but soon you would no longer require a Facebook account to use Facebook messenger. You can connect the app to the contact list on your phone versus your Facebook friend list just like WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.

This is a big move to counter other Mobile Messaging Apps like, WeChat, Viber, Line, etc. that only use the phone numbers in the contact list and grow its audience, though Facebook messenger is used by more than 700 million users every month.

This seems to be an important step in growing its audience size, which is much needed majorly for 2 reasons –

  1. First, a big chunk of the population in many developed countries still do not have a Facebook account and to make it worse many users are now opting out of Facebook. But, this move will help it acquire more users phenomenally.
  2. Second, Facebook is introducing whole lot of new services within Facebook Messenger like –
  • The addition of numerous Apps within messenger which would allow users to access certain apps and use & add content from it.
  • Converting it into a tool for businesses majorly for online commerce, where customers can get notified of transactions, interaction between brands and a customer, which would further lead to seamless experience and growth of mobile commerce.
  • Better options and features for video posts and much more.

This step could also be looked at as a possible merger of the 2 products – Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, down the line.

Facebook has started to take the battle to the next level over its competitors to get an edge in this sharp and constantly rising online commerce and Mobile usage.

Let’s see what’s next from Facebook or a countermeasure by one of its competitors…

Note – For now, this option for Facebook Messenger is only available in the USA, Canada, Peru & Venezuela. But, would hit the rest of its markets soon.

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