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How to plan a successful Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Mobile marketing is the biggest on-going phenomena in Digital Marketing which has gained its deserved momentum in the recent times. Digital marketers focus on Mobile Marketing has been growing by the day, and not only the biggies but also SME’s and start-up’s are spending generously on it.

But, the questions that come to mind are – “How important is Mobile Marketing for your Company?” and “How to plan a successful Mobile Marketing Strategy?”

To answer the first question lets drill down a little bit on stats –

  1. Snapshot of how users turn to their phones, computers, tablets, etc.cross device usage
  2. 42% of the world’s population has access to internet in January 2015mobile-internet-trends-mary-meeker-2015-1-550x417
  3. Mobile traffic on ‘Google’ and ‘Bing’ surpassed Desktop traffic in November 2014 and is ever
  4. Nearly 40% of people search only on a smartphone in an average day as they look to meet immediate needs.
  5. Combined, mobile phones and tablets now account for 38% of all web pages served around the world and with a straight 13% decline traffic from Laptops & Desktops dropped to 62%
  6. 90% of Time on Mobile is spent in Apps. This can be illustrated by this infographic by Flurrypercent-time-spent-on-mobile-apps-2016
  7. The current year-on-year growth of Unique Mobile users worldwide is at 5%
  8. Just over 36% of the world’s population is projected to use a smartphone by 2018, up from about 10% in 2011
  9. There are at least 1.9 billion active Mobile Social accounts (as per Jan 2016 stats) with more than 100 million new monthly active users of instant messaging services like – WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger & Viber.
  10. Search engines have and are being come up with new algorithms & crawlers for Mobiles. Google has been and is rolling out new algorithms, changes in apps, presentation of Mobile SERP’s and a new crawler that would affect the ranking of websites that are not mobile-friendly on mobile SERP’s.
  11. India’s web traffic is dominated by mobile devices with a penetration of 72% from Mobiles, 1% from Tablets and Only 29% from Laptops & Desktops as in Jan, 2015.
  12. E-commerce is drawing more than 50% of traffic and sales through Mobile devices & Apps. The biggest proof being, Myntra (an online fashion retailer) taking a bold step of shutting down their website and going Mobile App only retailer and more new businesses/ start-ups are adopting the App only approach.nielsenmonthlusagemobileappdevices1
  13. Mobile ad spend is higher than for desktop ads
  14. Google is testing its mobile-first index. What it does is look first at the mobile version of your website for its ranking signals and fall back on the desktop version when there is no mobile version.

The exponential growth of Smartphones and Data access has made it easier than ever before for people to get closer to businesses. And, the good news is that the potential for faster mobile internet access has grown exponentially in the past year, with 39% of all global mobile connections now classified as ‘broadband’ (i.e. 3G or 4G)

So now, the answer to the question should be quite simple for you?  ‘Yes’, mobile marketing is a crucial element of a company’s digital marketing strategy, who wants to stay ahead of its competition and tap in every single target audience out there. Now the second question is how to plan a successful Mobile Marketing Strategy?

But, before you go ahead & start devising a mobile marketing strategy for your company, take a deep breath and think about these aspects –

  1. How would you go about it?
  2. What all is required?
  3. Does my company need an App or just a mobile responsive website will suffice?
  4. What would be my promotional strategy?

Let me help you here…

The first step is to understand your user’s behaviour on Mobile.

Use analytics to understand how your target audiences are using Mobile & Tablets. Are they transacting or using it for gathering information? What kind of devices and operating systems is being used? Bounce Rate? Average Time spent? What are the Landing & Exit pages from mobile or tablet devices?

Then translate this data to devise a good mobile marketing strategy, but while doing that you need to really know what is important and think about the touch points your customers have with your business and decide –

  1. Do you need a Mobile App or a Responsive Website? If you are thinking about getting an App, then think on these lines –
  2. What is the Companies Brand perception among customers?
  3. Is my company into consumer products or services?
  4. What is the value add your app would provide that your responsive site won’t?
  5. How much to Spend on Mobile Ads (Search &/ Display)? Do you want simple image ads or use more engaging rich media display ads, video app ads, or call-only ads? Always use responsive lead capture pages to gain maximum out of it.
  6. Do you want to get better clicks from your e-mailers? Use Responsive e-mailers.
  7. Do you want to give your customers a consistent brand experience across all relevant mediums? Use responsive web design.
  8. Do you want to reach your customers at the right times when they’re in the right locations or near your store? Use GPS monitoring & Geo-fencing.
  9. Do you want to interact with your customers in new and interesting ways? Use QR codes.

Once you have all the answers to the above and have decided whether you wish to go with an App or just a mobile responsive website, plan your next step which is your promotional strategy or go to market strategy to reach your target audience on-the-go.

There are numerous ways to do so, from organic to paid mediums, but what I would suggest is to use a 2-way approach.

First, focus on Organic. This will help you in the long run and you can do a lot for organic mobile marketing. Here are few tips for you –

  1. UI & UX of your mobile site/ App – This is the basic and the most crucial element! Ensure that the User Interface (front end) complements the user experience with easy navigation and the right information at the right place with optimal content, to avoid endless scroll because the user’s attention span on a 4-inch screen has further shrunk.
  2. Use quick call-to-actions for better conversion.
  3. Speed counts – Do not forget about the load time of your website, landing pages or App. Loading time is a major contributor factor to page abandonment. Even Google considers this as a negative ranking factor.

We do say we have a small factor in there for pages that are really slow to load where we take that into account. John Mueller, Google

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less and 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load – this is huge isn’t it.

(The above 3 would also help in optimization for Google’s mobile-first indexing)

  • Mobile SEO

    • Optimize titles and meta descriptions
    • Use structured data
    • Optimize for local search (if your business has a local presence)
    • Voice search is going strong, so use long tail keywords in a conversational pitch
  • App Store Optimization – If you have a dedicated App for your business then you need to focus on App store optimization.
    • App name, publisher’s name, and app description (in the app store) – Be explicit about your app and use keywords (keep it short less than 30-35 characters)
    • App Ratings – A well-rated app will provide better visibility
    • Video/ Website – Create a sleek explainer video/ website for your app
    • App indexing – Google app indexing allows Android to leverage your SEO to help your app. You can create deep links to specific pages within you appapp-indexing
  • Push Notifications – If used right, push notification is an effective medium of communication and getting users back on your installed app.
  • Mobile Responsive e-mailers – This is something you cannot miss at all! 55% of emails are opened on a mobile device according to Litmus ‘e-mail analytics’ (march 2016)mobile-email-june-2016-600wSo, why not capitalise on it. You can use email marketing tools like Mailerlite for perfectly responsive email’s that give you excellent open rate and CTR’s.

Second, use paid avenues for a short term strategy and get a wider reach. There are numerous ways to reach a consumer on-the-go today. Listing a few top ways of doing so –

  • Google Ads – Google has varied options they provide with Mobile Ads like –
    • Text Ads – These are your normal text-based ads that feature on your mobile SERP’s. (Pro Tip – Use Ad extensions and structured snippets to make your ads more effective. It will also help improve the quality score)
    • Image Ads – Banner and Interstitial Ads with different dimensions can be used to reach mobile audiences to achieve different objectives. (Pro Tip – Interstitial Ads generally leads to lot of unwanted clicks and spends burn out. Use them only for your awareness/ visibility generation campaigns. On the other hand, Banner ads are preferable as they appear as a small strip or “banner” across the top of an app page or screen)
    • App promotion Ads – You have 2 variety here,
      • App Install Ads – your usual click-to-download ads to increase app installs
      • App engagement Ads – Ads to bring your app users back to your app. These generally use CTA’s with deep links to specific page into your app.
    • Call-only Ads – These are ads only appear on devices that can make calls and serve the search network. (Pro Tip – These great for businesses which involve pre-bookings or registrations through the phone like, Hotel businesses, restaurants, hospitals, etc.)
  • Social media Ads – Social media these days provide great ways to engage the audience on Mobile phones. You can choose to target audience only on Mobile or on Desktop & mobile both. Social media Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat have a huge user base and targeting on such apps is a gold mine, when you want to reach out to mobile audiences. (Pro Tip – Choose which social media network to advertise on basis an understanding of your target audience presence on them.  Do not advertise on a network just for he sake of it. Also, if you wish to target only mobile audiences then create separate campaigns for Mobile to judge and optimize the campaigns)
  • Affiliate Networks – Another good way to target audience on Mobile is through mobile affiliate networks like –
    • Inmobi
    • Yeahmobi
    • Avazu
    • Matomy
    • Click dealer
    • Applift
    • Mobpartner

(Pro Tip – Affiliate networks are excellent avenue to advertise and reach audiences, which may not be possible with Google, Bing and other social media networks. But, choose wisely and negotiate well basis your campaign objectives)

But before you start with your mobile advertising, do not forget to use Mobile Responsive Lead generation pages like Instapage. If you do not have mobile responsive lead gen page then your whole mobile advertising effort would go for a toss. I would suggest using Instapage, is a fantastic tool to create high converting mobile responsive landing pages for any marketing activity.

Mobile marketing works and it’s out there making your competitors’ campaigns more efficient & effective helping reach the numbers that matter. By effectively integrating with your current digital marketing strategies, mobile marketing can increase engagement, boost conversions and enhance overall results.

Spearheads the Marketing function for, Brand, Marketing (with a specific focus on Digital Marketing) & Strategic Innovation for B2B & B2C, globally for a reputed Indian MNC. An MBA in International Business & Marketing and a certified Digital Marketing Professional. He is an Automobile Enthusiast who loves to Travel, is a nature lover, a blogger and a curious soul who loves to learn new stuff and ideate.
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