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Thank You Pages and Transactional e-mailers – The Untapped Goldmines for Marketers!!

As marketers, what are our basic objectives –

  1. To Generate Leads? Check
  2. To get those leads to transact and make them a customer? Check
  3. To nurture leads? Check
  4. To engage them with content and the brand? Check
  5. To get repeat purchase/ transactions? Check
  6. To increase ROI? Of course, Check

Well, Marketers know how to generate leads through various digital mediums, be it through Internet Advertising, SEO, Social Media or through the content marketing efforts.

But, the challenge always is how to nurture leads and engage them further and make users transact and more importantly make them repeat transactions. So, how do we do that?

The answer to it is simple…by leveraging on the first & secondary touch points, i.e. – Thank You pages of your landing pages and Transactional mailers!

Many marketers have been using these effectively taking their marketing efforts to greater heights and many just do not leverage it due to its nature being a back bencher J

But, trust me these marketing avenues have been extremely beneficial and come in handy where other avenues cannot. So, here are ways you can leverage it and cut through –

Step 1: Exciting & actionable ‘Thank You’ pages

  1. Enable ‘Thank You’ pages – for all your registration pages, like your – download whitepapers/ e-books; lead generation registration forms, product purchase page, e-mail subscription form, even your e-mail unsubscribe option.
  2. Enticing, relevant, and further action-oriented – Your Thank You pages should always follow these 3 aspects –
    • Enticing – It needs to be catchy to grab user attention, as there is a high probability of user to bounce off as soon as he/ she finishes the transaction.
    • Relevant – Even if the page is enticing, but is not relevant still your user would bounce off as they might not find anything relevant post the transaction.
    • Action oriented – Ensure that your Thank You page encourages secondary conversions and engagement.

Use tools like Instapage for creating beautiful mobile responsive pages.
It’s quick, easy and has high conversion rates.

Step 2: Send ‘Transactional/ Thank You’ e-mailers

  1. Transactional/ Thank You e-mailers place your content directly in your lead or customers inbox, unlike your promotional mailers that land in the Gmail promotional tab, if they are using Gmail.(NOTE: If you check your database at least 60% of your customers would be using a Gmail id)
  2. So, even if your user clicks away from the Thank You page, they will still find your content in their inbox which might help them make their first or secondary transaction and engage with your brand.
  3. People also tend to share content by forwarding email to their family and friends, so these kinds of e-mailers get you the opportunity to reach New Audiences.
  4. It has been seen that, Thank You and Transactional mailers leads to a 2x increase in Open Rate and CTR and increase conversions and engagement with a brand.
  5. Hence, just like your promotional e-mailers you need to dedicate time to create enticing Transactional and Thank You mailers with exciting & engaging messaging with relevant call-to-actions (CTA’s) that encourages secondary conversions. Here is an excellent example by dollar shave club where the first half is standard transaction update receipt and the second half is a call-to-action –


Use mailerlite for all your email marketing requirements as it’s an excellent tested tool with better features than its competitor and is useful in creating and sending elegant mobile responsive mailers.

MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

Marketing Tips:

  1. Do not ignore the power of good Thank You pages and Transactional mailers.
  2. Create enticing design and messaging with the most relevant CTA’s. Use animated pages if possible.
  3. Include social plugins with intriguing messaging that helps connect the leads & customer with your brand on social instead of spending another bundle of money on Page like or follow us campaigns. See how Social Triggers used Thank You pages to get mini-testimonials and getting Like & Shares. All these are not just helping them get virality, but also increasing their Facebook engagement scores – social_triggers_thank_you_page
  4. If you are selling a product then, try secondary conversion with related products/ cross sell on Thank You page or Transaction complete email with a promocode. One good example is the Thank You page by NatureBox with a promocode –naturebox_thank_you_pageBut ensure you do not overdo it with your first-time customers as it might turn them off.
  5. Take advantage of your password reset mail for promoting content like blogs, infographics, etc, like done here by Zapier promoting their blogs –zapier_password_reset_emailer
  6. Marketers put huge efforts & cost to get App installs, but they can simply use, Transational emails, password reset emails and Thank you pages to get mobile app installs. Use QR codes as well so that users opening email on desktop devices can scan and install the mobile app.
  7. If your lead generation process follow’s a double opt-in method then encourage secondary conversion on the Thank-you/ congratulations page of your double opt-in emails, like done here by Airbnbairbnb_double_opt-in_email
  8. On your e-mail un-subscription page, probe questions that can help retain the users
  9. B2B marketers can use these avenues to engage their new audience with content like, videos, case studies, blogs, whitepapers, free webinars, as the conversion cycle is much longer in B2B and these can be used to subtly promote your product & service pushing for a conversion. Here is good example by Hubspothubspot_thank_you_page
  10. Use a secondary form if required, but remember the offer should be super exciting for the user.
  11. Optimize! Do an A/B testing. Monitor what is working and what is not and optimize your pages and mailers accordingly.
  12. If possible, use dynamic and personal CTA’s and messaging to drive better results. Here is a perfect example how Jigsaw Health used it successfully on their Thank You pages –



Thank You Pages and Transactional mailers are untapped gold mines which can help achieve your objectives (or at least get closer to them) if used correctly.

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