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LinkedIn Introduces Matched Audiences for B2B Marketers

LinkedIn has been busy these days, launching features and new solutions one after the other. First, the website UI revamp, then rolling out InMails in their self-serve platform followed by Lead forms to collect quality leads across all devices and now they introduced the most awaited targeting capabilities with ‘Matched Audiences’.

LinkedIn on April 24 launched itself into the custom audience world with ‘Matched Audiences’ giving a big blow to the similar capabilities of Facebook’s Custom Audiences, Twitter’s Tailored Audiences and Google’s Customer Match targeting options.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences though is a late entrant in the custom audience targeting world but is going to be definitely much more effective for B2B marketers. Why? Because a majority of users register both personal and work emails on LinkedIn compared to Facebook and Twitter.

This works as a great advantage for B2B advertisers as the match rate on LinkedIn should be easy 70% plus where B2B lists on Facebook, Twitter and Google just gives around 10% match rate.

Thanks to LinkedIn Matched Audiences now B2B advertisers would have a higher accuracy, reach and volume for their B2B ads.

So, let me list out the 3 targeting capabilities LinkedIn offers with its Matched Audiences –

Website Retargeting: Retarget your website visitors with your ads on LinkedIn. Show them sponsored update, send in-mails or just text ads.

Pro Tips:

  1. Create a retargeting list of your website visitors, exclude the visitors who have registered your registration forms ‘thank you’ page. This way you can show ads to your visitors who visited but did not register
  2. Target your website visitors with sponsored updates & InMails by retargeting a list of visitors who registered on your website. This would create visibility and nurture leads.

Account Targeting: Reach decision makers by uploading a list of target company names matching it against nearly 12 million company pages on LinkedIn.

Pro Tips:

  1. Create multiple account targeting campaigns using the list of companies that you wish to target. First, with sponsored updates to create visibility for your brand & it’s offerings with thought leader content, like – video’s, infographics, case studies and white papers. The second step is to reach decision makers with InMails talking about your offerings and how can you help their business grow.

Contact Targeting: More of targeting your email database and there similar with matched audience.

Using your email database is a great way to reach your audience. How? Here are few tips.

Pro Tips:

  1. Repeat Sales/ Updates – Add your email DB list to the matched audiences segment for repeat sales or updates about your products. Due to the audience’s affinity to your company, your campaigns would give high CTR and ROI.
  2. Targeting New Audiences – Once you add your email DB list to the matched audiences segment, add them to the exclusion list. This would help you reach only new audiences and get better results from your campaigns with budget effectiveness.
  3. Un-targeting Junk/ non-converting leads – Add the email list of leads that have not converted since a long time or our junk leads. Add them to Matched Audiences exclusion list and save you precious ad budget.
  4. Use your Sales heads/ top managements LinkedIn connections – export them in a CSV format and use them to reach new leads for your brand.

Now here is small video by LinkedIn on how to set-up Matched Audiences –

Matched Audiences is a great move by LinkedIn and is definitely going help B2B marketers big time. Share your views and tips on how you would maximize with Matched Audiences.

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