LinkedIn introduces interest targeting
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LinkedIn opens up ‘Interest Targeting’ for Advertisers

Where platforms such as Google and Facebook have extremely limited targeting options for B2B marketers, LinkedIn is expanding its horizon rapidly for them. Last week, LinkedIn introduced ‘Interest Targeting’ for advertisers on its self-serve campaign manager further expanding the targeting capability of its platform for its advertisers.

Now with LinkedIn’ ‘interest targeting’ advertisers can fine-tune campaign targeting by using over 200 professional interest categories, like artificial intelligence, global economy, customer experience, healthcare, and more.


The Interest Targeting capability opens up new doors for B2B marketers on LinkedIn. Marketers can:

  • Increase brand visibility by broadening the TG who would be interested in your content, brand and its products or services even for the niche categories such as, Biotech and Marketing Research
  • Adding interest targeting as an additional layer along with account targeting for the Account-based marketing campaigns
  • Increase relevancy and CTR by using carousal or video ads with interest targeting along with other targeting options such as job title, function, industry targeting, etc as relevant

LinkedIn has been introducing new capabilities along with the revamp of the site and campaign manager which has been highly effective for B2B marketers across, especially with its carousel and video ads for a better CTR and it’s deeper targeting capabilities.

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